Let us build your floral branding.

Ticolas flower bouquet

We bring a floral touch in your workspace.

Providing a soothing, harmonious and lively environment through the seasons creates a positive and inspiring workplace. Naturally, concentration, creativity and productivity increase.

Ticolas flower bouquet

Reward your team.

Rewarding your team members with flowers is another way to thank and connect emotionally with them. The commitment, and sense of belonging to your company will automatically intensify.

We also build your floral branding.

Shaping a great selection of floral bouquets, will not only enhance the entrance of your business, but it will also woo your customers, creating an immediate emotional connection.


Customer Loyalty.

The loyalty of your customers is a considerable asset for the success of your business. Connecting with your customers with a floral attention is a timeless gesture that will please them.