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Flower care

Getting freshly cut buds straight from our local farm means you get to enjoy them in your home for a longer period. They won't arrive looking like their photograph yet, but watching them blooming over the next few days is very pleasing. One word: patience.

Flowers looking droopy?

Don’t worry if some of your stems look droopy at the time of the delivery. Flowers and greenery use water to prop-up their stems so they’ll perk up when back in water.

A few things To do 1st

Conditioning your stems before you start arranging them is the trick to helping your flowers to stay fresh for longer. We indeed enable you to get long-lasting flowers, but don’t skip these steps please otherwise… #floraldrama.


1st, Trim your stems

The ends of your stems will feel dry when you get them, meaning they won’t be able to drink much water. Just trim 3-5cm off their ends at an angle to help them out. And repeat the process every 2 to 3 days.

2nd, Remove some leaves

Remove any leaves that’ll fall below the waterline of your vase or they’ll deteriorate in the water. If this happens, they'll drink the dirty water and fade faster. Pay close attention, and feel free to remove any dying leave.

3rd, Change the water

In order to keep your fresh flowers longer, you need to change the water every 2 to 3 days, with a room-temperature water: not too cold, not too hot.

4th, Find light

For your flowers to feel great and sparkle your home sweet home, they need light. Find them a spot with enough sun exposure for the day.

Ticolas Flower bouquets